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ACC Roundup

If State-Wake was
huge last night,
then one could argue that Maryland-UVa is even
bigger. Wake pushed their way back to a third place tie. Virginia could do
the same - and knock Maryland a game back from Duke, doing the Devils a huge
favor. With Juan Dixon not shooting so well lately, it's definitely
possible. Drew
Nicholas has proven to be a considerable reserve,
pitching in at three

But back to
the State-Wake game
. Some old,
bad habits came back to the Pack
against the Deacs, as
they got sloppy and careless
and couldn't
close the deal.

What's up with Tech? Winless until last night, the
Jackets exploded against FSU, winning by 31.
For FSU, of course,
what a
dreary loss.

Maryland says they have a
score to settle with UVa tonight.
You may remember a severe butt whipping
last year in U-Hall. UVa's freshman Keith Jenifer says the ACC is no big
deal noise wise, since
his high school league was just about as intense
. Some league!