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ACC Roundup

There's a really big game in the ACC Wednesday - State
and Wake.
For Wake, this is really important, because they can push their
way back up to third place in the conference, and for State, it's the kind of
game that cements an NCAA seed. They probably have the seed, unless they
collapse, but we mean a pretty good seed. Josh
will be likely be difficult for State to deal with. Julius Hodge is
who you would expect to guard him, and Howard is as athletic, stronger, and more
experienced. Powell will likely get Songaila, and that's an interesting matchup
as well. Who gets Scott? It's a mismatch for Evtimov.

The backcourt is a different story; Anthony Grundy will probably be the best
player there, and State has gotten solid guard play all year. Hard to say,
but we'll have to go with Wake by a whisker.

UVa stumbled early, but
their freshmen have really stepped up
and improved their play enormously.

In Clemson, there was shock over the lack of team unity in the UNC game, but there
is still support for Larry Shyatt.