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Thad's Book Update!

We got this note from Thad Williamson about his new book, and we're passing it on even though we play UNC this week. You owe us, Thad!

1. Interview about the book with Mary Hartnett of WUNC is airing tomorrow (Wednesday) on WUNC (91.5) at 12:20 and 8:20 pm EST. You can get it online at about 20 minutes long I think.

2. There is a Charlotte Observer article coming out this Thursday about how UNC fans are coping with the season that will mention the book....

3. There is a feature in the Independent (, the Triangle's weekly, scheduled for their Feb. 6 issue

4. There is a book signing at Bull's Head Bookshop at UNC Student Stores on Feb. 10 from 4-6 p.m., prior to the Carolina-Maryland game. Come on down!