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ACC Roundup

The Post has articles up on UVa's
Roger Mason, Jr.,
and Maryland's
Byron Mouton.
Mouton, of course, is still dealing with the devastating loss
of his brother Kevin, who was shot two months ago. And the N&O does Josh
Howard of Wake Forest.

In Raleigh, State
is closing on an NCAA bid,
and since they start three freshmen, that's
pretty remarkable. You have to give Sendek credit for it. It doesn't hurt
to have a veteran
, of course. Speaking of State, the
ESA is keeping financial records secret,
and the N&O would like to see
that, thank you very much. Here's
another tourney article.

In Clemson and in Tallahassee, the
death watch is beginning
for Larry Shyatt and Steve Robinson, respectively.