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Duke Alums in the News

Here are a couple of interesting recent articles about two of Duke's most prominent alums. First, is an excellent profile done in the Sunday New York Times on John Mack (Trinity '68), CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston. Few people have been more generous contributors to Duke and the basketball program than John, and he and his wife, Christy, are frequently in the stands when the Blue Devils take the court. The Times article also touches briefly on how Coach K comforted his friend and the employees of CSFB after the September 11th tragedies.

The second article is this week's Newsweek cover story on Bill and Melinda Gates (Trinity '86, Fuqua '87). Melinda, who is now a member of the Duke Board of Trustees, played the leading role in the establishment of the $24 billion Gates Foundation, the largest charitable foundation in the history of the world. The Gates Foundation focuses primarily on health issues, especially those facing the developing world such as the need for vaccines. The Gates have also been strong supporters and generous contributors to Duke University.