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We're Hiring - Well, Sort Of, Anyway...

As time rolls by here at DBR, we come across challenges, like funding this
site, and work them through as best we can. We have come across another
and we hope we have figured out a useful solution to this one also: we can't
keep up, and we have decided to advertise for an intern, or possibly two.

There are a lot of relatively mundane things we just don't have time to do in
terms of basic upkeep, and there are a lot of projects we'd like to do if we
ever had the time to do them. That's where our intern would come in.
We are looking for someone who can take on that sort of thing, and also possibly
do research as needed.

Ideally, our intern would be a student, someone who loves basketball, and
someone willing to work hard and get things done efficiently.

What's in it for you? Well, the standard intern benefits first of all:
experience, resume enhancement, and so on. And for a job well done, we
would give a tremendous reference, needless to say. This would be an unpaid internship, just to be clear about that.

Then there are secondary benefits, like being one of the first people we talk
to when we find we have an extra ticket. That doesn't happen every game, but it
happens. There's also the intangible benefit of being an insider at DBR
and knowing more than the average park ranger.

If you think you'd be interested, drop us a line,tell
us about yourself, and tell us why you'd be a great candidate.