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ACC Roundup

Probably the biggest ACC deal yesterday was State's smashing
win over Temple
. This is a team with rising confidence, and, at 16-4,
a tourney team to be. Julius
Hodge did a great job on Lynn Greer,
who refused to talk to the press
after the game.

Wake Forest
held off Tech yesterday.
Tech has struggled this year, but then again, they
have been pretty close from time to time as well, and against some big
opponents. Not
though. However, consider this: plug Chris Bosh in as an athletic
big man, and Jarrett Jack at the point, and then surround them with Ed Nelson
and the swarm of midsized guys they have, and you have a very, very dangerous
team. Craig Dawson finally
woke up
, by the way.

In College Park, before yesterday's game with FSU, Gary Williams wrote one
word on the blackboard:
That seems to be a key part of the Maryland psyche, and
that's fine with us. If fits into the Captain Queeg mentality Gary
occasionally favors us with. The problem is, what do you after revenge?
Where do you go?

Juan Dixon continues to make a case for having his jersey retired, and we
hope Maryland does the right thing. He's been everything they could want
and more.
Here's more from the Post.

In Littlejohn today, UNC
and Clemson renew pleasantries,
and after last year's tension, this should
be interesting. Kris Lang, who had earlier taken a few quiet snipes at
Brendan Haywood,
takes one at his current teammates
. When asked if they were playing hard, he
told Eddy Landreth, "I would like to think so. I can't know for sure. Only
the players who look at themselves in the mirror can know for sure. Can they
look at themselves and say they played hard, boxed out hard? Only they can
answer. I would like to think they did."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Rob Daniels joins the common misconception that big
men are the key to getting UNC back on track.
Sean May will do fine, even if
he is a short-term solution. A summer of weightlifting and watching Dennis
Rodman tapes would make Jawad Williams vastly more effective as a
sidekick. Size is not that big a deal in college ball anymore, since 3
guard and even 4 guard offenses are common now.