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ACC Roundup

Lenox Rawlings has a review of the
ACC thus far,
and has interesting comments on several schools, including
Wake, saying that for the Deacs, it's
all about confidence now.
That's a Dave Odom hangover in our opinion.
Wake is no longer a collection of Eastern North Carolina unwanteds, and it's
about time for their play to reflect it. Confidence
for Prosser
is not a big problem. He's totally stimulated by the
challenge at Wake.

Wake gets Tech today, and that's a must-win for the Deacs at this point.

Finally, some good news for UNC, winless in 2002 thus far: Jason
Capel is cleared for practice.
Good thing - the
Heels are running out of players.
Orlando Melendez has tendinitis in
his knee, and Kris Lang, in the weirdest thing we've heard in a while, had a
toenail ripped off against State. How does that happen in a shoe?

State gets Temple
and that's the ugly game of the day: Temple
will zone,
State still doesn't always shoot well or move the ball well, and
so it could be really bad. Driving on Temple
is very hard. Some State fans are still wary, but they are also enjoying
the season.

Maryland gets Florida State today, and being Maryland, they are thinking
backwards, not forwards: they are concentrating on
last year's game
in Cole when FSU upset them. Lonny Baxter is talking
about payback. Monte Cummings is a guy who is getting a lot more
attention, and now
the Post is on it, too.