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ACC Roundup

Have things changed at UNC? Obviously. But here's a gauge of just how
much they have changed: Brad Daugherty's kid is a Duke fan. Not only
that, but he
told Dean Smith that he was.

Matt Doherty says Herb
Sendek knows the circle of hell he's in currently.
Sendek says there
is empathy and understanding. But Matt's having one tough season following
a pretty solid debut. Is he suggesting his fans are as unhappy as Herb's have

In an effort to slow UConn down, Doherty turned to the four corners briefly.
It didn't work and won't with a shotclock, at least not the way Ford ran it, but
it was nostalgic
for some.
Incidentally, according to the Herald-Sun, UNC is ranked
behind every remaining opponent in the RPI. They'll visit Clemson Sunday,
and chances are, Larry Shyatt & co. will relish the chance to stick it to
the Heels.

Clemson couldn't get it done last night against FSU, however, as the 'Noles
ran past a cold Clemson team
late in the game. Actually, Clemson has
more or less blown
the last two games in the stretch, so you can build an
argument for UNC's winning that game.

At U-Hall,
the Cavs were depleted,
but still
managed to put away VMI,
as they should, needless to say. They were down to
eight players. Travis Watson had a hip pointer, Adam Hall has a foot injury, and
of course Majestic Mapp is out for the year.

At State, a revival seems to be underway, and the fans, always passionate, are
really coming back to life.
In this weekend's likely ugly game, State
plays Temple, and Temple's
had a tough year.