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Why Chansky's Wrong

Art Chansky had an article up yesterday about UNC's woes, which put forth the
notion that things will not be well in Chapel Hill until
they restore the Smith-ian ideal of a powerful big man.
Matt Doherty isn't listening.

Who wouldn't want one? There are two problems, though. First, following the
lead of Duke and, earlier Louisville, the college game has put an emphasis on
athleticism over size. The trend was bearing fruit before the NBA
completely lost it and started drafting high school kids all over the place -
most of them big men.

So while UNC might have liked to have an Eddy Curry or Tyson Chandler, the
reality is that their big man is Sean May. And you know what? That's not
Look around the ACC and the Top 25.
Boozer? 6-9. Baxter? 6-8 on a good
day. Travis Watson? 6-7. Josh Powell? Not a giant. Udonis Haslem?
6-8. Drew Gooden and Nick Collison aren't huge. The reality is, the
game has changed, as we have said for some time now, and big men are a luxury,
not a necessity.

Matt Doherty is wise to concentrate on getting athletes. The rest, including
final judgement on his coaching ability, will sort itself out.