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ACC Roundup

Two huge games coming up on Wednesday - State-UNC and Maryland-Wake.

Vasco Evtimov is going to infuriate some Chapel Hill types by giving his
brother, State's Illian, tips
on how to play UNC.
Here's one more remarkable example of how things
have changed at UNC: Dean Smith was a brilliant tactician, ranking with the
finest strategic minds in the game. But as great as he was with the
chalkboard, he was perhaps a better psychologist. His program toed a line
and for years, no one - not even transfers - said anything which would conflict
with the party line. That's changed enormously in recent years. Obviously
Ndiaye didn't feel constrained by it, but neither did McInnis, Wallace, and
other recent players, Evtimov included. He might have said the same things
before, but they wouldn't have been disclosed publicly.

Andy Britt is asking where
things will bottom out.
Caulton Tudor says that the league will likely
get five bids this year, and that UNC's woes are
helping the league overall.
Tony Haynes says it
won't be an easy win.

As we said yesterday, for Wake, the
battle now is for confidence.
Prosser wants defense and
rebounding. We don't know about you guys, but he's made an impression on
us. He is almost scholarly on the sideline, very calm, very assured. What
a contrast to the fidgety Dave Odom.

In Atlanta, Tony Akins is scared. Scared he'll be the leader of one
of the worst teams in Tech history.

FSU has
struggled on the road this season,
but despite that, Monte Cummings is winning
respect from everyone.