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A Few Duke Links

The Herald-Sun has a couple of Duke articles up, first
on defense
, and secondly on how
well the spread offense has worked this season.
Also, a number of you sent
us Curry Kirkpatrick's
latest piece/whack job.
This follows his hatchet job after Brand, Avery and
Maggette left, and his wildly inappropriate cheap shot at the Hall of
Fame. It'd be easy to rip him, but it's not really necessary. All
you have to do to put it in perspective is to see how far south his career has
gone in recent years. He's a guy who once had as much talent and passion
as anyone, and should be writing in the bigs. There's no need to say more
than that about Curry. We wouldn't even bother giving him the satisfaction
of an irritated letter. It reminds us of when Walter Cronkite saw a former
CBS News director who was working for a tabloid show. Cronkite said, "I had
no idea you had fallen so far. Are they paying you well?"