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ACC Roundup

State is well on the way to an NCAA tourney bid, and will have to work hard
to blow it at this point after
beating Tech Saturday.
At 14-4, and a chance to rub it in UNC's face this
week - and you can believe they're going to try to really, really rub it in -
State is sitting pretty. They're also in 3rd place in the conference,
incidentally. Tech is struggling but still
on the same page.

UNC, as you probably heard, absorbed
a truly ugly beating at UConn.
The Heels started with an 11-2 run, then
tanked completely, going down by as much as 40 late in the game. Despite the
early lead, UConn's walk-ons were playing befor halftime. In a subtle but
telling insult, area papers are not
sending anyone to cover a game like UNC-UConn.
We know this because
they do the same thing with Duke football.

Our guess is that UNC, though, will give State all it can handle, and if the
Heels won, while it would surprise us, it wouldn't shock us. One of two
things will happen in that game - either UNC will give up and not fight, or
they'll fight like hell. It's State. Our guess is they fight like hell.

is back in action
after losing at Cameron and the Terps will
face a periodically dangerous Clemson.
Clemson actually matches up fairly
well in some ways. Well perhaps a better way to put that is that their strengths
may tap Maryland's weaknesses. It depends on which Clemson shows up.
Maryland is also likely to be mad, so don't overlook that as a factor.

Florida State gets UVa today, and that's another interesting game. FSU has
exceeded expectations; UVa has come up short in conference play. Florida
State is playing for a share of fourth place. Delvon Arrington is a
big part of their success.

Today's expat stat: The top three teams in the Big 12 - Kansas, Mizzou, and
Texas - are all coached by former ACC guys.