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ACC Roundup

Maryland says
they aren't sweating the loss at Cameron,
and they have a point. Their
schedule from here on out is pretty favorable. After what Dahntay
Jones did to Juan Dixon,
Maryland knows they
have to make some adjustments

In Raleigh, the Wolfpack is confident but still
wary of Georgia Tech.
They continue to rely
heavily on Anthony Grundy,
who has definitely come through for them.
Tech never particularly has relied on Michael Isenhour, but now they are relying
on him emotionally to an extent as he
continues to battle leukemia.
He has lost 50 lbs. and all his
hair. Here's hoping his therapy works. State
is wary,
and with UNC coming up Wednesday, and all that that game implies,
they are ripe to have one. State has had a number of transfers recently,
of course, and here's
an update on several of them.

UNC has a very
tough road date with UConn
, made more difficult with the absence of Jason
Capel for a second straight game. UConn is an
amazing program
in some ways, the
focal point of an entire state
and points beyond. The news of their
decline has
reached the New York Times.

The Herald-Sun has an
interview with Chris Hobbs,
who of course continues to come back from a knee

In Tallahassee, FSU is growing more confident and
point to rebounding
as a big reason for their recent success.