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ACC Roundup

The Tally paper has some links up about the UNC game, first about Arrington's
, and another about the game overall. The site has been redesigned
and, amazingly, there
is more basketball than football news.
Adrian McPherson has given up
on basketball, by the way. Andy Britt says UNC has
a steep learning curve
, and that they have yet to master
crunch time.
Here's the take from Charlotte.

We went to The State yesterday looking for Clemson-State links, but they
weren't posted when we were there. So
here's one,
and here's
the other.
Sendek says
maybe it was just a lucky bounce.

And speaking of State, the Herald-Sun has a
nice article up on Scooter Sherrill.
One of the raps on Herb Sendek has been
that he hasn't developed players, but Sherrill is bucking that trend (if it is a
trend). Also at State, the resell policy at the ESA
is causing some confusion.
Apparently you need a permit to resell

Charlotte has an article on Pete
Gillen and his buddy Skip Prosser.