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ACC Roundup

We had really expected Wake Forest to
continue their hot streak when they went to Virginia,
but no such luck as
the Wahoos gutted out a tough win.
Most impressive, particularly since Adam
Hall was out.

On the plus side, for Duke fans, Duke is now tied for second place, which
means Thursday's game with Maryland is for sole possession of first place.
If Maryland wins, they remain undefeated; if Duke wins, they get first place
because while the records are tied, Duke beat Maryland.

In some really good news for N.C. State, the
Pack won the type of game
they have been losing for several years when the
very impressive Josh
Powell got a tip in
to nip Clemson at Clemson. Great job,
Pack! You might say beating Clemson is no big deal, but State hasn't been
able to do this much lately. At 13-4, they are looking pretty good.
Scooter Sherrill says "we deserve this." Well, no, you don't. But you
did earn it.

Random thought: has it occurred to anyone else that three SEC coaches now are
former ACC guys - two of whom left because they couldn't keep up with the big
dogs. Buzz gets a pass. All three - Dave Odom, Cliff Ellis, and Buzz
Peterson - are having mediocre success this year.

In Tallahassee tonight,
UNC's season of woes continue,
but probably
without Jason Capel,
who is home with a concussion suffered Tuesday.
He did not fly down with the team. Wow, UNC hasn't won on the road in
almost a full year? That's an amazing fact. UNC gets the pleasure of
dealing with a
surging Monte Cummings.
Art Chansky thinks that the FSU game and the
ensuing game at UConn are
the keys to the season
- lose them and forget it. Win them, he thinks, and
.500 is possible. Win or lose, Roy
Williams is watching from afar.