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UNC's Recruiting Class Complete

UNC has put together a tremendous recruiting class with a super point guard,
a tremendous off-guard, a power forward who is probably ready to go from day
one, and two big men with a lot of potential (Byron
Sanders has now committed
). Add that to their current freshmen, and
that's eight pretty talented athletes. There are a lot of things for this group
to learn, and a lot of weight to gain, and so forth, but it's a talented

The question now will be how other players will adapt. The junior class is
mostly meaningless - Jon Holmes and Will Johnson, who, while a courageous kid,
really isn't an ACC level athlete. But Jackie Manuel will likely not
start, and the roles of Jawad Williams and Melvin Scott will change
immensely. Adam Boone will likely become a spot player, and Brian
Morrison, a leading ACC flake, will only play as much as his attention span

All five will see their roles change immensely, and that's an important part
of a coaching transition: the new guy gets his players in and adapted, while the
holdovers (not counting the current freshmen, who were recruited by Doherty) are
displaced. We'll learn a lot more about Doherty as this process plays out,
but for UNC fans, the good news is help is on the way.