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Bleacher Battle

The physical play during the Duke/Georgia Tech game wasn't confined to the court apparently. Tony Akins' mom, Myong Akins, and a female Duke student got involved in a brief tussle during the first half. As anyone who has tried to climb into the bleachers behind the benches, it's an awfully tough and awkward squeeze. Ms. Akins lost her balance trying to get to her seat and landed on the Duke student. That's when the "she said, she said" began.

Ms. Akins said the Duke student started yanking her hair. The Duke student said she grabbed Ms. Akins' arm to keep her balance so as not to fall down herself. Whatever happened, the two started whacking away at each other before others around them broke it up.

Good work by the other students and spectators in breaking it up quickly and not joining in the skirmish or throwing things. Also, kudos to the stadium security and police who questioned both women. Nice to know the officials at Cameron didn't look the other way as seems to be the tradition at certain locales in the conference.