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ACC Roundup

Around the ACC, UNC's decline continues to generate discussion from Atlanta
to Maryland. Caulton Tudor
faults execution,
which really comes down to mostly coaching. The
Heels are trying to
keep their spirits up
, but it can't be easy. The mantra: we've
got to get better.
After the Maryland game, Jason Capel said Chris
Wilcox is the best big man in the country,
but his fundamentals don't
justify that praise. His talent is considerable, though.

An interesting game
Saturday as the first place Deacs take on a CLemson team which has a habit of
being on or off. Who
will show up?

One ugly side effect of the Sunday night package
is now Saturdays are no longer crammed full of games. That bites. It also
gives a lot of Saturday attention to other folks. Oh well.