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Dirty Pool At Kentucky?

some power politics at work at Kentucky,
where the Wildcats have told Marvin
Stone he's no longer welcome.  But he's also not
welcome to transfer to Rick Pitino's Louisville team
. Apparently someone
doesn't want Stone coming back to Rupp to haunt the Cats. 

Kentucky is claiming there is a policy against players transferring to
schools UK plays, but both Rick Pitino and former A.D. C.M. Newton say they
never heard of such a policy.

is either going to Louisville or Colorado State.

Not content to deny the kid a transfer to his school of choice, someone is
now apparently smearing him, as his
grades have been discussed with a television station. 
Stone's lawyer, one
would think, now has the tool he needs to force Kentucky's hand: it is illegal
to discuss a student's grades - there are privacy rules, as you may already
know.  If we were him, we would tell Kentucky that he'll petition the
entire University to find out who leaked, and promise to ask a number of
embarrassing questions under oath.