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Football Fumbles A Win

This is something we haven't been able to say for awhile: Duke
should've won the football game Saturday.
A few mental errors kept
them from a win they should have had, really. It's not exactly
encouraging, but it's a lot better than saying wait until next year.

And actually, that is really the point where things should be. Obviously, the
program had bottomed out, but things are past the point now of moral victories.
There's enough talent to win games, and we're past the point now of just
supporting the team out of loyalty. Not having expectations is a kind of
insult, too, and for fans, the proper attitude is a real key, just like it is
for players. You want to be supportive and not demanding, and have
expectations without cynicism or cruelty.

Clearly, Duke should have won that game. Duke players need to learn to close
the deal, and that's a habit.