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An Ironic Induction

There are some comments on the board about the irony of Curry
Kirkpatrick being inducted into the Hall of Fame in the same class as Coach
You may remember his article in ESPN The Magazine when Avery and
Maggette left, and the glee he seemed to take in ripping Duke and Krzyewski.

In a recent article, John Feinstein said "Remember the glee two summers ago--most notably in ESPN-the-alleged-magazine in a piece written by a Carolina grad with the morals of an amoeba--when all those players left? The glee is gone."

Feinstein is not the only sportswriter to express such sentiments.

Anyway, the glee is gone, and Kirkpatrick's attempt - in our opinion it was deliberate, not
just a byproduct of journalism - to stain Duke failed. Now he gets to
stand on the same platform with his intended target. On the one hand, you
want to puke, but on the other, the comparison is so clear and compelling that
it's impossible not to take some pleasure in seeing a small man stand next to
someone who so clearly has risen above him.