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First Cheerleader Report

Over the summer, Nikki Wilson, a Duke senior from Los Angeles and a member of the cheerleading squad, contacted us and offered to write some articles over the course of the year from the cheerleaders' perspective. Obviously, we're most appreciative of the offer, especially given the time constraints Nikki and her squad members have. Here's the cheerleaders' home page, and here is a collection of pictures of the squad, including one in which they're wearing some really cool hats. :)

Here's Nikki's first report for us. Thanks!

I am so happy to be back at Duke and moved in. As you know, we had to
cheer for our first football game on Saturday, and I thought I would give you
a little commentary for the DBR.

It's great to be back on campus and see the familiar gothic buildings
and eager students anticipating their year at Duke. After a week of hard
training and going over routines, our Varsity Cheerleading squad was ready
to take on our first football game of the year. Not only was it our first
game, but it was against Florida State: the powerhouse of college football.
I definitely have a renewed outlook on football season this year, and am
looking forward to cheering at the games. It may be because I actually know
some of the players now, or that it's my last year here at Duke. Whatever
the reason, I am going to soak in all the excitement and appreciate the
priviledge I have to cheer at Duke University.

Going into the game last night, I know that many of us were worried
about the weather, and having to jump around (in white uniforms) in the rain
and the mud. But the overall attitude was one of excitement. We all talked
before the game, and the words that kept coming up were: "Just have fun out
there". And, I am happy to say that that is exactly what we did. What made
our experience last night even more fun, was the fact that most of the new
freshman class was in attendence, did a great job of helping us with cheers,
and even started some of their own (although I know that there were also
many upperclassmen helping them out). It felt so good to see and hear the
amount of students at the game last night, and I can't even fathom how hyped
up our crowd is going to be during basketball season. Even though the game
did not turn out in our favor, we had a great time and can't wait to go
cheer Duke on at the Rice game next weekend.