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Guess It's A Quorum

A UNC site has
posted an epitaph for Tar Heel Talk,
Dave Chen's Chat n' Flame. We're
assuming he means that as far as he's concerned it's dead. We don't know
and don't care.

He uses a lot of the terms we used for it a long time ago - cesspool, cancer,
and so forth, but blames the demise on Dukies.

We quit going there a very long time ago, so he would know better than we
would what has happened, but what we can tell you is that it didn't need any
help from Dukies to go to hell. There were libelous posts there for years,
assertions about people's medical records and obscene screeds about all sorts of
things, most of it directed, naturally, at Duke. We marveled that Chen
escaped lawsuits, because in our opinion, he certainly could have been

Whatever happened, that site died a long time ago, and if UNC fans are
admitting it became a cancer and a cesspool, well, welcome to the club.
But it didn't need much help from outsiders to turn into what it became.