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Duke Nation - Time To Comfort An Honored Opponent

Among the many people who lost loved ones in New York is Rick Pitino, who has talked publicly for the first time about losing his brother-in-law.

Our hearts go out to the Pitinos and we're sure all Duke fans share that sentiment.

There's a feeling of helplessness in all of this, to see so many die so needlessly, and everyone's urge is to comfort the mourning.

We'd like to urge all you guys to take a minute and drop Coach Pitino a line and just offer your support. There is an unusual bond
between Duke fans and Coach Pitino, because of The Game, and we'd hope everyone would honor that by e-mailing him some kind words.

One thing we would suggest is for everyone to urge him not to write back. The last thing he needs to do is to spend a lot of time
answering e-mail and dwelling even more on things.