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Massive Changes In Recruiting Coming?

The guys at SoCalHoops have put together a
really impressive critique of recruiting reforms proposed by the NCAA
. If
the U.S. has declared war on terrorism, then the NCAA has declared war on the
AAU, shoe companies, and just about everyone else. There are huge changes.
We'd list them all, but they did a ton of work and they deserve the traffic.

This is a serious and substantive article, and if the reforms are
approved, national teams are a thing of the past, the Glaxo-Wellcome
Tournament is done, as is the Tournament of Champions, and summer camps as we
know them are finished.

The most amusing thing is that criminals are theoretically out of the
process, but only if they have committed crimes against basketball, gambling
crimes in other words. Myron, you're good to go!

Caveat: we have not read either the article or the NCAA proposal in detail,
so we are relying on them to do a great job. It looks like they did. You should
definitely read this.