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Northwestern Rushes By Duke

After losing to
Carl Franks said something which would have been unthinkable
recently: "Without a doubt, they’re by far the best team we’ve played,"
Franks told the Durham Herald-Sun. Wow. Northwestern is better than FSU?
That's amazing.

For Duke, of course, it gives some hope. Northwestern, Stanford, and Notre
Dame - and for that matter, UVa - are occupying the kind of niche Duke wants to
occupy. It can be done. Duke has to figure out how to do it.

After the game, according to the Herald-Sun, the frustration was obvious and
loud. "I can’t describe how I feel right now — I just feel like complete
garbage. We have to do something to turn this around...We have to do something, I don’t know what, but we have to do
something," Mike Hart told the Herald-Sun.

Frustration is actually a good sign in some ways, because it indicates a lack
of acceptance, and that's positive.