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Terrorism And Recruiting

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After the terrible incidents of last week, Mike DeCourcy
and Dan Wetzel
both speculate that recruiting may change as a result of the hijacked planes. Well, possibly. But in our opinion, two things argue against it as a long-term trend: 1) teams fly to a lot of games, so there's no way to get past it. You have to fly if you play a high-level schedule. 2) people learned a lot from the guys in Pennsylvania who took out the hijackers. You likely heard the story of the captain who addressed his crew and told them that if any such thing happened, they should attack the hijackers with whatever they could find, put a blanket over them, and, put an end to it.

By any means necessary, to borrow a phrase. The cabin loved it, and, we
think, the general public got the message too: you can fight back. And
considering what they did, we'd better fight back.