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Fair's Fair

Fair's fair. We were frankly shocked after Chris Collins was hired and a lot
of Duke fans really said some unkind things. Well let's revisit that
now. We hope Duke gets Shavlik Randolph, but even if they don't, this is a
magnificent recruiting class. So who's responsible for it?

obviously Coach K; he's the mastermind of the program. But he's not the
bird dog on the recruiting trail. That job goes to assistants, who find a list
of prospects, weed out those who they think can't cut it, and then cull the crop
from that group. Wojo earned his stripes with the Duhon recruitment, when
he outworked everyone. But there's no way one assistant gets five
commitments this early. Chris Collins has been busting his butt, and hiring him,
in retrospect, was a deft stroke.

On a secondary note, to all those who
thought that Duke only recruited well because Quin Snyder was such an ace
recruiter, well, he is, and he's still doing a damn good job at Mizzou.
But Chris Collins and Wojo are kicking some butt at Duke, and it's time Duke
fans acknowledged the contribution that Collins makes - particularly those who
derided him upon his return.