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Shavlik Update!

Al Featherston has an article up on Shavlik Randolph and UNC's
control of in-state recruiting
.   He says the last in-state
recruit UNC lost (that they really wanted) was David Thompson, but we can think
of a more recent kid: Danny Manning.  A reader reminds us, though, that he actually spent his senior year in Lawrence.

He's right though, this is one of the great, major recruiting battles in recent years.  

Tim Stevens tells us
Shavlik Randolph may be close to a decision,
and in one of the continuing
effects of the terrorist attacks, Billy Donovan couldn't fly up for his

Incidentally, we also heard that former Georgetown coach John
Thompson was scheduled to be on one of the planes which was hijacked. One
wonders how he would have reacted. Certainly he's not a man to take much guff. Not that we're suggesting that he would have changed things by himself, but he would have, at the least, made himself known.