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Saturday's News

Other than Amit
Tamir's story,
sports is pretty much on the back page, and he's upfront
because he is an Israeli hoopster playing in the U.S. and has some knowledge of
terrorism.  Michigan has asked for a
no-fly rule
around its 107,501 seat stadium.  Caulton Tudor says it's
time to admire truly
clutch performers
, which is what you call guys who dig in rubble until they
can't move.

Tony Blair seems pretty committed to the movement against terrorism, warning
of grave dangers if it is not dealt with now, and seriously.

Here's the relevant details about what's about to happen, according
to the New York Post:

"America is set to unleash bombs, special commando units and high-tech Apache helicopters on Afghanistan - part of a ferocious plan to annihilate terror chief Osama bin
Laden."  That's much more substantial than a bombing campaign, and
could take a year.

attack on Afghanistan could come as early as this weekend,
according to the
London Telegraph.  President Bush has also
called up 50,000 reservists.
  And while the focus is on attack, there
is a new and urgent focus on defense of the mainland as well.

In New York, a peace rally couldn't
quite get a total grip on what to do.

The Post touches on some of the massive complexities of dealing
with Afghanistan

Pat Oliphant checks in with a cartoon which features bin
Laden disappointing the devil.

Meanwhile, some Palestinians cheered bin Laden on. Other Moslems, though, condemned the attacks in the strongest terms. To our great surprise, some in Tehran even tried to have a vigil, but the authorities would not allow it.

William F. Buckley has an interesting perspective on their perspective and what we bring to this conflict, which is, in a nutshell, mass.  If he thinks that the Egyptians and the Pakistanis are going to march into Baghdad with the Great Satan, though, he's nuts.

Elton John says he won't fly commercial planes in the U.S. unless
there are armed guards.
Excuse us for pointing this out, but if we had
millions and millions like Elton, we'd just buy a Lear jet.

And also in the celebrity corner, Muhammad
Ali is seriously angered by the whole thing.