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Shavlik Randolph Update!

Thad "The Mummy" Mumau has
an extensive article up on Shavlik Randolph
and his (possibly) immiment
decision. He kind of suggests that Randolph is more important to UNC,
which in a sense you could argue is true, but that might not hold the same
importance with Randolph as it does with the UNC contingent.

Duke has signed two big men, true. However, both of them are inside
players, which will allow Randolph to roam around the court and take advantage
of his Ferry/Laettner/Dunleavy type skills. There's no need to chain
someone that versatile under the basket, and at UNC, he would be there by defaul.

Anyway, from all accounts, he's a very decent kid, and we're sure he'll look
at what works best for him and make an informed decision.