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The Sporting World Reacts

The massive destruction in New York and at the Pentagon have crept over into
the sports pages.  Frank
Dascenzo has perhaps his best column ever,
with the possible exception of
his farewell to Chris Washburn.  Dick Baddour had to hitch
a ride on an 18-wheeler to get back to Chapel Hill.
  But what's Nora Lynn Finch
doing hanging out with truckers? Kidding!

Cheo Johnson of NCCU could
have lost his dad,
but didn't.  Jason Peter of the Panthers thinks
he lost a couple of friends.
  The SEC will
play and donate money
to the families of the victims.

Hermann Wendorff has
some thoughts up as well.
  Harvey Araton has some interesting
thoughts on the role of sports

We also heard on the radio that Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe was going to go to the top of the WTC but forgot a camera or binoculars and went back to his room. When he returned, fortunately for him, the disaster had already occurred.
And Rick Pitino's brother-in-law is missing as well. All prayers to the Pitino family.