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Links Of Topical Interest & Cartoonists Begin To Respond

As things move on, the U.S. is clearly
moving towards a strike
against at least Afghanistan and bin Laden's
patrons. Of course bin Laden knows he is a hunted man, and the Post says he is
walking a very thin
line with the Taliban,
and if reports
of house arrest are true,
they may be just about done with him anyway.

interesting Islamic perspective on the attacks.

The cartoons, thankfully, are starting. We're big fans of cartoons.
Dwayne Powell had a takeoff of the famous - was it Herblock? - cartoon where
Lincoln wept in his monument after Kennedy was killed. This time it's Lady
Doug Marlette swiped the idea for the Challenger as well. The
link may change, just fyi.

John Cole of the Durham Herald-Sun catches another aspect of the mood with
a pretty pissed-off Uncle Sam
standing over a smoldering NYC skyline.
Kevin Sears has Uncle Sam
being uncertain who to pursue.
Tom Toles is one of the best in the
business, but he loves jokes and there are no jokes in this. Stuart
Carlson's is more pragmatic, and a bit of a failure to us.

Probably the best we have seen, though, is by Bill Deore. This
really catches something;
everything, in fact, except for the anger.

Most of these are available at the Washington Post under the editorial
section if you can't call them up from here.

Benson makes the Pearl Harbor analogy,
but the tone isn't quite there
somehow. His
second attempt is better.

Short aside: Benson is a desendant of either Brigham Young or Joseph Smith,
we forget which, and also of Ezra Taft Benson. This is to say he was
raised a Mormon. When Evan Meacham got elected as governor of Arizona, and said
some truly bizarre things, Benson infuriated his church by drawing a cartoon
with the Book Of Moron.

In Tucson, the remarkable Fitz has drifted from a near photo-realism into,
well, cartooning. We're partial to him, and
it's a good one, but not a great one.
This site doesn't archive, so if
you don't see something with the statue of Liberty, it's not what we're talking

We don't know Walt Handlesmen well, but
we admire this cartoon tremendously.
First-rate work.

Of the following, we're not positive the links will work. Here's Gary
Brookins, a fine cartoonist with
a dark and menacing work.
Margulies continues
the Statue of Liberty motif.

Of the great masters of the art, Pat Oliphant has not yet weighed in, but for
our money, he's the master. And at a time like this, we miss UNC grad Jeff
MacNelly more than we can say. He had a genius for cartooning. He could draw
elaborate pictures and make them say everything. Herblock, who is about 90
now, has nothing new and may be ill.