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News, Links On The Tragedy

It didn't work. After watching television all day and into the night, we
hoped that if we changed the channel and fell asleep it would go away. It didn't
though; when we woke up, it was just worse. The footage, which you will
see this morning, of the wreckage of the Towers in New York, of the bodies
stretched out on the grass in Washington, is overwhelming.

As we knew was inevitable, given the size and locations of the massacres, it
is hitting close to home. Duke's
Mike Cragg and Matthew Laurance were in New York and had breakfast in a building
very close to the World Trade Center.
After Laurance figured out what was
going on, he had the good sense to get in a subway station. We Thank God
that they are both still with us.

Tommy Amaker's sister worked in the WTC. Fortunately, she seems to have
survived. Our friend Arnie Schecter tells us that his cousin, thankfully,
had not gotten to work yet when the disaster began. We have learned from one
correspondent of former office mates who almost certainly died. Another reader
wrote in, very concerned about a Duke grad who worked in a brokerage firm very
near the top of the building, almost certainly above the cutline.

For those of you concerned about people on the flights, here
are the numbers to call.
United has
information posted on their web site as well.
The Red Cross needs
blood badly. Here is their number: 1-800-448-3543

According to the Washington Post, the attacks have galvanized the nation, with
90% willing to go to war.
The Post itself argues that
this means war.
And the Russians support
a tough response.

The bastards on the planes were cruel enough to force the victims to call
their families and tell
them they were about to die,
according to the Post, and apparently that jet
was originally headed straight for the White House, changing at the last minute
to hit the Pentagon.

U.S. has firm reason to believe Osama Bin Laden is involved
, according again
to the Post. The BBC reports that Bin Laden denies involvement in attacks, but supports them.

New York, often the butt of American jokes, disgust, and envy, periodically
reveals the pure heart which lies beneath the grit and grime of the city.
Yesterday was such a day, as 300
firefighters are reported to have lost their lives
, according to the
Times, and nearly 100 police are unaccounted for. After the disaster,
residents of the city, rather than panicking or fleeing, simply lined up to help
in whatever way they could. God Bless New Yorkers. You are magnificent people in
crises. The Wall Street Journal Opinion Page touches
on this as well.

Mark Helprin has, as usual, a
clear-eyed view of what must be done and what it will cost.