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Jordan - Looks Like A Go

Michael Jordan in a Wizard's uniform is a weird enough thought,
but what's
even weirder is wondering why he's willing to do this. No matter who you
are, time catches up, and Michael Jordan is pushing 40. The only guys we
can think of who were remotely effective at that age were Kareem and Robert
Parish, and they had some size to fall back on.

We're not used to thinking of Jordan as foolish, but it's also foolish to bet
against him. However, there's no way he can fight time. Even if he plays
effectively, he wasn't the Michael Jordan of old in his last two years, and he's
not as good now as he was then. Willie Mays, Bob Cousy, and Ali all hung
on to the dream for far too long. It's sad to think that Jordan
could be making the same mistake.