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The Mummy Runs Down Recent PG Commitments

We're thinking we should start calling most of what the Mummy writes a
digest. Thad "The Mummy" Mumau summarizes what is generally
known and writes a column. Nothing wrong with that, and most of us can't get
enough recruiting stuff, but let's call it what it is. This column is a
rundown on Shawan Robinson , who signed with Clemson, and Justin Gray,

who picked Wake.

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Here's something we didn't really focus on earlier: look who else recruited
Shawan Robinson: Stanford, Minnesota, Tennessee and Xavier.
Minnesota is on probation, but still a basketball school by inclination. Ok, so
they generally suck. They're still basketball-oriented. Look at the others.
Tennessee is good lately, though usually not so smart (as was the case the last
two seasons), Xavier has been solid since the days of Bob Staack -- and sent
their last three coaches to the ACC, though Gillen took a PC detour; and
Stanford has been superb under Mike Montgomery.

So to be clear, Larry Shyatt convinced an academically talented kid to turn
down Stanford and Xavier to attend Clemson. Say what you want about
Shyatt's time at Clemson, but no one at Clemson has done that except for Tates
Locke, and he just outbid other cheaters.

He is building a solid foundation. Let's hope the school gives him time to
flesh it out. It's definitely getting interesting.