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Piece O' Cake!

Eric is the second guy to send us a Cameron-based groom's cake image. Apparently the idea is catching on! Congrats to Eric and Sally.

Hi guys. I wanted to pass along this picture and the story behind it.

Click on the cake for a full-size image!

I graduated from Duke Law in 1997 and became a huge hoops fan. I now live in Atlanta where, together with certain other alums, watch every game, read DBR 10-15 times a day, and talk about the program at every opportunity. My then-fiance, Sally, quickly became part of the madness and adopted the team as her own. She, too, watches every game, checks DBR regularly and loves to talk hoops. Sally and I were married this past June 16 in New Orleans (of course, we would have married even without her having adopted the Devils--but every little bit helps). My groom's cake was a replica of Cameron and the photo is attached. You should have seen the faces of the 10-15 Dukies who attended the wedding!

In any event, I just wanted to pass this along. Love the site. Keep up the great work.