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Going Down Under

The women's team will at last venture down to

leaving this Friday. The trip is more about
team-building and chemistry than basketball, but with only an 8-woman
roster, everyone will have to play. There are a few things I'll be
curious to find out about:

  1. Who will step up at point guard?
  2. Will Vicki Krapohl's hard work over the summer pay off in basketball
  3. Can anyone hit three pointers with regularity on this squad?
  4. What will the post defense be like in the post-Parent era?
  5. Who will the leaders be?

Coach G has also promised not to wear out Alana with too many minutes,
considering the long summer she's had with training and competition.
That means Krapohl and Gingrich (who is perpetually nursing an injury, it
seems) will have both the opportunity and the need to step up. Also keep
an eye on Crystal White, who has an excellent chance at a breakout
season, as well as Sheana Mosch, who must become a more vocal and
aggressive player this year.
by Rob Clough