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Lindsay Harding Commits To Duke!

Cypress, Texas prep star Lindsay Harding has given a verbal commitment
to Duke. This is not a very surprising commitment, given that
Duke has been recruiting her for quite some time (I had heard about "a
guard from Texas" for over a year) and her recent appearance at the Duke
women's camp. It is, however, great news. Lindsay is a 5-7 guard who is
ranked #8 by the All-Star Girls Report recruiting service. Duke needs
guards who can shoot and handle the ball, and hopefully she'll be able to
provide a bit of both. Duke really needed a point guard with Krista
Gingrich graduating and only having Vicki Krapohl as the one true point
guard on the roster. Duke still needs a pure shooter and a post player.
More on the story as it develops.

Special thanks to an alert State fan who pointed this out on
fabulous recruiting page.

Here's another report from the happily reborn (post-Rivals)
Basketball Journal.
Lindsey reports that she had been going to
Duke's camp since her freshman year (another G innovation that's paid
dividends), loved the usual academic/athletic combo, and the
ever-beautiful campus.

by Rob Clough