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USA vs. Japan Report!

Our Japanese correspondente, Daisuke, was courtside as the USA battled his home team of Japan. Here's his report. Thanks Daisuke!

Tonight, USA played against my country, Japan. I went to Saitama again
to watch the most anticipated matchup for me. USA beat Japan 123-87. I
thought Japan played hard and well against much bigger and more talented
USA team. But everytime Japan was trying cut the USA lead, there was
Duke duo standing on the way.

Chris played only 18 minutes tonight. But he played well both end.
Japanese 3 point specialist, Murayama, made 5 threes in the 1st quarter
alone. Then hit one more in the 2nd quarter. Then, Jim Boeheim put Chris
on Murayama. After that Murayama was held socreless. Chris did not let
Murayama have good looks. On the other end, Chris controlled USA offense.
When Chris was not on the court, Japan was able to cut the margin. But
with Chris, USA could score almost at will to increase the lead. It was
the first time in my life I hated to see Chris on the floor becouse he
was playing against Japan.

Carlos simply overpowered Japanese big men. The tallest Japanese player
is about 6'7'. So Carlos dominated inside the way he should. He had 11
rebounds despite played only 21 minutes. One negative thing was he had
difficulity guarding quicker player driving to the basket.

Dahntay had nice put back basket and fast break dunk. Also played solid
defense guarding quick Japanese guard.