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Daisuke Courtside!

Our Japanese correspondente, Daisuke, was courtside at the U.S. - Argentina tiff and sends us these notes. Thanks Daisuke!

Chris was superb tonight. He hit two threes early.
Then stole the ball from Argentina and made easy layup.
He set the tone for USA offense in the 1st quarter.

He handle the ball very well against Argentina pressure.

In second half, as Argentina was making come back,
he hit big three then made nice assist to Carlos.
Jim Boeheim seems to really trust Chris as playmaker and leader.

While USA has four good guards (Chris, Bell, Nelson, Tayler)
on the roster, Chris was responsible for 90% of ballhandling.
Bell and Nelson were used as scorers, and Tayler played only
three minutes. This is becoming Chris's team.

Carlos again played a solid game.
Despite foul trouble, he had game high 18 points.
He showed nice soft touch from 15 feet, and also made good driving move to the basket.

As always, he held very good inside position to recieve
assists from other team mates. He had a couple of dunks
from nice assists by Chris.

Dahntay played only three minutes.
He showed nice driving move to the basket but called for
offensive foul.

USA beat Argentina by 13. But I thought game was a lot closer.
The difference was USA's defense and Chris's clutch plays.