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Coaches Against Cancer?

Mike DeCourcy has a little blurb about some coaches being unhappy
with Nike and George Raveling
after Raveling gave Amare Stoudemire's mother
100 dollars and how it reflected poorly on Nike and people who wore Nike shoes
(read: coaches with shoe contracts).

It brings the whole shoe money debate to the fore, which is good, and it
points out that while sometimes the schools and the shoe companies are at odds,
they do have areas where they can cooperate. For instance: the coaches don't
want any nasty disruptions. The shoe companies want their shoes on the
players. The typical perception is that the shoe companies are the dog and
the schools/coaches are the tail, but it's pretty clear that the coaches can wag
back. Maybe the Nike coaches can work Nike and the adidas coaches adidas
and force some concessions on how they do things.