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DBR Hits Japan!

DBR readers are popping up all over. Latest case -- Daisuke, a Japanese guy who is seeing the games firsthand and is sending us reports. Thank Daisake!
Hi. I am big Duke Fan in Japan.
I think this is third time I write you guys.
I wonder if you remember, last time I wrote about my Duke site about
three years ago.

As everybody knows, three Duke players are playing on the USA team
participating World Championship for Young Men.

Here in Japan, I can watch all the games they play on TV.
And I am also plannning to go to Saitama to see their actions.
So I will give you short report about how three Devils are doing in
Japan for each game I watch.


Carlos's 18 points led USA in scoring. While USA struggled scoring
against Croatia's size, Carlos was effective in the paint.
He used left hand little hook to shoot over taller defenders.
And he runs floor very well, finishing some fast break.

Chris did not have a good game. He forced plays number of times.
He recorded 5 turnovers. I don't know if he has ever had as many
turnovers in one game. Maybe he was little nervous playing tournament's
first game. I hope he will come back and show us real Chris Duhon.
But he played solid defense against Croatia guards.

Dahntay was almost non-facter, playing only five minutes.
He got fouled in the fast break and made two free throws.
He was not moving well without the ball in the half court offense.
So he did not have a chance to show his driving abilities.

I will go to Saitama tomorrow to see the game against Argentina.
They beat USA last year. As I watched Argentina, they are better
passing and shooting team than USA. But USA is quicker at every positon.
It will be interesting game.
I have not watched Korea game. So next time I will write about Korea
game and Argentina game.