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Truly Sick

Octavio Paz said in an essay that America was in a race between decadence and
vitality. It's no surprise that athletics would reflect the culture and
possibly in some ways magnify flaws.

In the scale of big time athletic scandals, Len Bias jumps out, though
much of what happened was not Maryland's fault. What Lawrence Phillips was
allowed to get away with at Nebraska was astonishing. The point shaving
scandals of an earlier era were amazing, and there have been more than enough
athletes who got in trouble over sex, including several members of the Portland
Traiblazers, who hooked up with some underage girls in Salt Lake City a few
years ago.

Still, nothing
we've heard lately is quite as disturbing as what is being alleged at UAB.

A 15-year-old girl who was exceedingly bright entered school early, and,
according to the suit, soon became a sexual plaything for athletes, developed
serious alcohol and drug problems, and has essentially had her life ruined.

If the allegations are found to be true, a lot of people have a lot to answer
for, and even in this age of diminished expectations, heads will likely roll,
and if this really happened, they certainly should.

While we certainly understand the anguish the parents must feel, we found
ourselves wondering why they didn't keep a closer eye on her. They say
that the University promised to essentially act as parents, which they
apparently didn't do very well, but it's still their child. It sounds like
they have enough to deal with, but they will hear this question if this case
comes to trial.