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McLeod, Parks Traded

In Duke NBA player moves, both Roshown McLeod and Cherokee Parks have new
homes. McLeod
has been moved to the Celtics,
which we would be very excited about were we
Roshown, and Chief is off to San Antonio to play behind Tim Duncan and David

Roshown seems to understand his level pretty well. He
said this to the Boston Globe
: ''Everybody wants to be a superstar. I don't think I'll ever be a superstar, but I think I can be a very good complementary player to stars who are in the league. A lot of players don't understand that they are complementary players. With that
understanding, it will help me prolong my career and go out and play as hard as I can, knowing what I can bring to the table."

The Sixers also
traded for Matt Harpring,
part of a five-player deal with Cleveland.