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Terps Enjoy Jason's Injury!

One of the things we like to do from time to time is check in on the
Maryland bolgia and see how the Terp fans are dealing with whatever is happening
in Durham - in this case, Jason's injury.  Let's take a peek at ACC boards!


  • What a brutal injury, especially for Jason. His left hand! Isn't that the hand he uses to clear the lane when he drives to the hole? Thought so.
  • 'xcept now he's got a cast. Think of the damage he can do.
  • I'd hate to be the small of Blake's back.
  • Maybe the payments to Hartzell and company came in a little late!!!!
  • Man, that's gonna put a damper on JWill's sex life!
  • I love the part where mom already knows that they are going to win the NC. The payment must have been more than enough

And to a Duke fan who protested...


  • DA -chill out man, we were only teasing. We want JWill to be 100% healthy when we play so that there are no excuses when we win. I keep hearing the Boozer excuse last year with our only win. Both sides need to understand that these are two of the top teams in the nation suck in the same conference. If this was football, only one could make the superbowl and the other is going to bow out in the League championship. You guys are really sensitive to alot of issues. Just circle Jan 17th on your calander and sit back and enjoy a great game. May the best team win this year.

Our favorite part of this is the "no excuses" line following a
string of excuses in earlier posts.