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Some Notes On ACC Rosters

Cary tell us that the format for the conference schedule is hard to read, so we'll print it here and link it here.
Here are the rosters for the upcoming season. We'll talk about them more later,
but a few observations for now.

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  • Clemson is beefy, but they aren't real big.  10 guys are between 6-3
    and 6-8, which is really different from a few years ago, when the whole team
    was literally guards and centers.  Their athleticism is up sharply.
  • Mike Dunleavy's weight is too low. His height probably is too. Last year,
    Battier was the defensive fulcrum. This year, the pressure swings to the perimeter: 
    Duhon, Williams, Ewing and Jones can put immense pressure on the perimeter.
  • FSU finally gets J.D. Bracy, who has  reputation of being a
    gunner.  Rodney Tucker is listed on the roster after not playing last
    year after a sex charge. Has  he been cleared? We don't know yet. But
    we do know that with Bracy, Joiner, McPherson (also a QB),  presumably
    Tucker and Cummings, and possibly Anthony Robertson, depending on academics,
    FSU is much, much better than they have been recently.
  • Tech has one senior who will play and nine sophs and frosh. Two seniors
    are really non-factors. That's awfully young.  The Cremins players are
    basically gone, Akins being the exception.
  • Maryland has eight upperclassmen. They also have five guys over 6-9 -
    count Baxter because he's a center though he's 6-8 - and 6 guys 6-3 and
    under. 6-6 Byron Mouton is key to this team. If he gets in foul trouble or
    psyched out, Maryland's defense can guard the lane or the perimeter. It
    won't be able to do both.
  • UNC still lists Curry and Peppers but neither is likely to play. 
    Guard play could be a problem.  Boone got exploited last year, and
    Morrison was erratic. Kris Lang will have to carry a burden at center, and
    either Brian Bersticker or Neil Fingleton will have to come through.
  • State has 10 underclassmen. One of them is Julius Hodges, though.  If
    they can play him at point, things will get interesting.  Also, Illian
    Evtimov is mentally tough and can shoot.  If Hodges and Evtimov can
    play and be stable,  Grundy might calm down, too.  Then they can
    figure out some other pieces and maybe make a run. Maybe not, too.
  • Everyone talks about Duke and Maryland. But what about UVa? They're
    loaded.  They may have the deepest backcourt in the country, and Elton
    Brown can help Watson out upfront.
  • Wake is most intriguing. A few questions:
  • how will Hicks and Dawson benefit from a new coach? How about Murray and
    Scott? And will Songaila learn not to foul? This is a talented team, and we
    haven't even mentioned Josh Howard.

Short notes: 

Duke, Maryland, UVa, and Wake Forest have the best chances to be
great.  UNC is moving towards a superb level of athleticism, but they're
not there yet.  Either Clemson, Tech, State or FSU should emerge as a tough
team, though Tech may be too small and too young....State may benefit by losing Wilkins, Thornton, and Inge....FSU now has 
6 or 7 ACC level players...Tech is a midget team without Alvin Jones....if Juan
Dixon weighs 184, we just won the powerball lottery...we loved Tony Stockman
last year...put him,  Hobbs, Christie, Babalola, Hendrix, and whoever out -
that's not too bad actually.