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Maggette, Avery Discuss Their Departure And Return

Here's one more article on the All-Star game, this one about Maggette and Avery, their return, their feelings on their departure, and that they still feel a part of the Duke family.

Significantly, Avery dispels the myth spread by Curry Kirkpatrick in his ESPN-the-Magazine hatchet job, saying that Coach K never cursed him about leaving.

If you recall two summers ago, Kirkpatrick wrote a rather scathing article about the departures of Avery and Maggette. The author claimed that Coach K used obscenities and cursed Avery and his mother when Avery told Coach K he had decided to turn professional. In the Herald-Sun, Avery debunks the story.

"No, not at all, not at all. That's false information. It didn't happen like that at all. He just told me what he thought would be best for me. And that was that."

Maggette also tacitly concedes he may have made a mistake, saying that "it maybe wasn't the right time" to come out, but that things worked out.

He also touches on the Piggie situation, saying that he can't comment but wants to clear his name and Duke's.