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More On The All-Star Game!

Here are some links from last night's All-Star Game:

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And now, here's what Eric had to say about the game!



The game was really fun--the intros took about a 1/2 hour--Bob Harris did
the announcing from the bench. They saved the 5 jersey retirees for last,
but Wojo got a cheer as big as any of those guys did, and then Hurley and
Grant were the favorites out of that elite group. It was about a million
degrees in Cameron--remember how hot it is on a warm Spring day--this was a
90 degree August day.

Dawkins played, and had several nice jumpers and assists. Jay Bilas and
Alarie were out there from that '86 squad as well. David Henderson and
Amaker were in attendence, but in street clothes.

Blasts from the past included Kenny Dennard, Chip Engelland, Marty Nessley
(looking chubbier than Dennard), and Jay Bryan (?) didn't remember this
dude--was a holdover from Foster or maybe an early K recruit on the first K

Elton, Trajan, Avery, and Magette were there from the '99 final 4 team.
Shane was at the goodwill games or something but sent his regards.

Collins played, so did Wojo. Collins jacked up a bunch of 3s from NBA
range, and hit several to the delight of the crowd (and himself).

Lots of good flashy passing--some of it connected--two hand underhand shovel
passes on the break, that kind of stuff.

Brian Davis had about 4 one handed tomahawk dunks--he looked like he had
more game than in the old days. But he was pretty high on himself and tried
to pump up the crowd when he was introduced. Hurley still showed flashed
on brilliance in dribble penetration and passing. Laettner spent most of
the night going 1 on 1 against Elton--Brand was having a great time--gave
everybody the most enthusiastic chest bumps or high fives when they were
introduced (like, even Mary Nessley), and mostly handled the ball with one
hand and fooled around like he was playing with kids. Laettner seemed to be
taking it a little more seriously.

Magette was awesome--also high on himself--but with the game to back it
up--got WAY above the rim several times, as Wojo, Hurley, and Dawkins tried
to feed him with alley oops. Connected a couple of times. Also, he took
Brian Davis off the dribble from the right side base line--one dribble
between the legs, then he looked like he flew to the rim and really
elevated--gasps rather than cheers from the crowd.

Brickey and Ferry were playing too--Ferry now with shaved dome, and no
jumper at all (did he get injured at some point?)

Roshown and Thomas Hill also had big games--Thomas actually led all scorers,
and shot the 3 well and dunked repeatedly.

Grant came out at half time, after coach talked about the Burch Ave family
center--Grant surrounded by a bunch of Durham kids for a photo op--Carl and
Fred among then--got high fives from The Man. I guess the NBA only
sanctions 10 of these games a year for current players, and Hill was
instrumental in getting this one set up. He coached the white team--got a
technical when he came out on the court after Magette got called for a
charge (which he had done, egregiously)--but coach K (who had a mike during
the game) stopped the official and told her that Grant couldn't get T'd
because it was his game.

They played 4 12 min quarters, with NBA court markings and 24 second
clock--hence the 140something to 120 something score.

About 1/2 way through each quarter, there was an official time out, and
coach K came out, summoned a few former players, and set up a historical
shot. A fan who had one a drawing got to play Wojo, or Trajan, or Laetner,
and try to make the shot. Then they brought in the real dude to do it. The
shots were: Wojo's free throws against VA in '97, giving them the ACC title
(or at least a shot at it), Hurley's 3 against UNLV in '91with about 2 min
left that drew it to 75-73 and turned the game around, Trajan's 3 off a
double screen against Carolina (also '97?) that was the first time we beat
them in several years, Collins' three (after saving the ball falling out of
bounds) at NC State in '96, setting up the first ACC win when they were 0-4
after coach came back from the back injury, and (of course) '92
Kentucky--this one is also reported in the Herald-Sun--Grant actually
delivered the in-bounds pass--Laetts sunk the second try and the place went
nuts--definitely goosebump time...

All in all a great time. Carl and Fred got Phil Henderson and Marty Clark's
autographs--the latter on a discarded Gatorade cup from under the blue
bench--they hung around the longest to sign because I don't think they get a
lot of that these days. Marty was very good natured and joked with all the
kids--I reminded them about his critical free throws late in the game
against Indiana in '92--that guy had a lot of guts. I can't imagine what
was going through K's head when he saw all those guys lined up on the
court--really remarkable what he has put together over the last 20 years.